Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jarryn's ice cream truimph

I took 5 kids to Ikea today. I won't tell you how grumpy I got when 3 (usually my 'good' children) went to the toilet and waited for me in the wrong place for two hours, while I panicked  and called them over Ikea's loud speaker. (Fortunately the big kid kept the littler ones distracted with games and stories, so they had fun, unlike Mum!) The big kid (I won't say who)  had left his/her ( it would be telling to say if it was a he/she;-) ) phone at home, grrr.) They heard the final loud speaker call, after I had been around Ikea 3 times - no mean feat - Ikea is horribly long to walk once! (To look at it positively I was hoping to start getting fit again.)

Our Ikea highlight was definitely when Jarryn got his self-serve soft serve ice cream by himself. He put his little cone into the holder, waited for the light to show that he could press the button. His eyes boggled when ice cream started coming out after he pressed the button! But them the most amazing thing happened- it did not stop at one serve or even at 2 serves, but kept going for at least 3 serves. By this stage we were all cackling with laughter and everyone was looking at us and 'wowing'. Jarryn would never have managed such a big ice cream so he 'shared' it with everyone. Some eager boys joined our queue and could not wait to get their giant serve - only to be bitterly disappointed with a minuscule serve. My deepest empathy to the soft serve ice cream machine, some days just do not go as planned! I just wish I had taken my camera!

Here is a recent photograph of Jarryn at the beach.

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