Saturday, April 30, 2011

At the park

Collecting autumn leaves
Drawing in the sand


Say Cheese

Playing in the sand

Looking for seeds

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Try this on for size...

Art Study: Alfredo Rodriguez

Pleasant Moments by Alfredo Rodriguez see
 I have oft written about God being the greatest artist and being made in His image means we are designed to and have opportunity to reflect some of His creative beauty. Well some supass us all, and one such person is  Alfredo Rodriguez !  

One of the things I have always loved about Charlotte Mason Educational Philosophy is the emphasis on doing art and studying art history. It is one of the wonderful luxuries God gives us with life in all it's fullness. And with the Internet it is no longer a luxury for the rich only. When Jessica was little we saved every cent to afford to buy her art post cards and later artist's books. Now it is a matter of one click to google and you can find any artist anywhere from any age! 

The study of art history and artists is a oft neglected past time in this day and age. Why not revive it in your family? 

School today - groan? No, "Yay!" Look what we started with. Take a look at this wonderful Christian artist and his magnificant work! We will study his biography, look at his work, try to copy his work etc this term. He is is going to be 'our artist', our inspiration this term...

Gloria in Excelsis Deo

Sunday, April 24, 2011

In Christ Alone

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, may God bless and keep you and make His face to shine on you and give you His strength both now and evermore!

What grace is mine!

I Cannot Tell

I cannot tell why He whom angels worship
Should set His love upon the sons of men
Or why, as shepherd, He should seek the
To bring them back, they know not how
or when
But this I know, that He was born of Mary
When Bethlehem's manger was His only
And that He lived at Nazareth and
And so the Saviour, Saviour of the world
is come.

I cannot tell how silently He suffered
As with His peace He graced this place
of tears
Or how His heart upon the cross was
The crown of pain to three and thirty
But this I know, He heals the
And stays our sin and calms our lurking
And lifts the burden from the heavy
For yet the Saviour, Saviour of the world
is here.

I cannot tell how all the lands shall
When at His bidding every storm is stilled
Or who can say how great the jubilation
When all the hearts of men with love
are filled
But this I know, the skies will thrill with
And myriad, myriad human voices sing
And earth to heaven, and heaven to
earth will answer
At last the Saviour, Saviour of the world
is King!