Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Japan Still Weeps

Let us not forget to keep these dear people in our prayers

Eucation, why?

The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as
that every child should be given the wish to learn.
~ John Lubbock ~

Education: Thinking out the box

Education has such a narrow definition in most peoples mind, I find. For me education is more than academic - it is preparing a child for life; which has to mean that each and every child has to have a different education as each and every child is going to live a different life. Here is a very interesting article written by Andrew Pudewa who is our Writing Teacher on DVD each week. He travels all over the USA and Canada teaching. (Isn't it great to be able to have the best teacher in the world teaching our kids in the comfort of our homes!)

I think his kids are home schooled and that he is a Christan but he makes no comment here on home schooling or Cristian education - just some very interesting observations on the best schools he has visited! 

A must read for sure ....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More homeschooling memories

Just a few more field trips we have done over the years:

Tea Factory 2009
Tea bag machine

Official tea factory hats

Coming up to the giant funnels which feed downstairs into the tea bag assembly area. Huge sacks of tea leaves on the right; ready for mixing up the correct tea combinations.            

Tea up to the sky

 Save the Bilbies Day

Wet 'n Wild

Fishing Workshop: 2010
Redcliff, with Sunfish Educators. In the morning we goggled at the pelicans being fed. We learnt heaps through the day( I highly recommend Sunfish!). We stayed for a walk on the beach that night. And as the sun kissed the water, the dolphins came to play up close. The teen boys ventured to rocky outcrops, while one Mom BBQ'ed and watched little ones paddle and the another kept bait on hooks for the middle kids. It is a good life - homeschooling. No bullying or fighting all day long. None of us had to get home early to iron uniforms! And the next day of school was full of excited show and tell!

Watching Narnia being filmed up close

Homeschooling memories

Wolston House, 2009
Washing the old fasioned way, by hand, using a laundry board and blue washing soap to make your whites white! What a lovely day - one of our last school trips with the whole family. They grow up too quickly - treasure every moment together at home! ( my two big ones are at TAFE now)

Here are my Dad's photographs:
Big fig tree in front of the house

Living Room


He's so tiny! Jarryn

Water - the old fashioned way

Trish, admiring the wonderfully fascinating  kitchen

Go Carting

Big 'Boetie' helps little 'Boetie'; homeschooling brothers helping each other - as it should be!
(Boetie means brother)
Tim coming second, bumpty bump - what fun!

Mt Cootha

Finding home and various other places you know. A great way to 'map Brisbane' in your kids mind!


Good food, good company from 50+ to baby. Very little kids buddy up and play in a sandpit, make a cubby under a trampoline, watch the choeks,share umbrellas and get the teens to swing them too high. Girls giggle & chat, & play Dutch Blitz under the aircon; then venture out to see the sweaty boys (young ones & teens) and men playing cricket and doing archery. (Aching arms the next day tell me they had a try too!) Mums swap notes on child rearing, bonding, gardening, motivation etc and coo over the littlest ones... what happy bliss - everyone together. You can't get better, it's perfect socialisation - the homeschooling way... happy together.