Thursday, June 10, 2010

When our children hurt....

We cannot take our children along a perfect path, or make their lives perfect for them but we can take their hands and take them to God as we walk along the way; we can talk with them and pray with them; we can share their pain and we can pray for them...knowing that even when we do not have the words to say anything, our Jesus intercedes on our behalf as we groan. We can know that our perfect Lord always loves us and our children, and much more than the sparrow that falls. That nothing can separate us from the love of God. And when we cannot help our children 'enough', we can entrust them into the loving arms of our Saviour again.

Psam 23:5 cup overflows ( I have no needs my Lord cannot satisfy)
Psam 30:5 ....Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Dare double dare, meet up the top of the... Wet and Wild Surf-rider

My men are as follows...

Douglas was absent for the day, but would have loved to have joined in all the manly adventures my young men had at Gold Coast's Wet and Wild! The most scary adventure being the Surf-rider! Josh and Jo and their good friend Eli were champions to give the surf rider a go! I have never seen my boys so pale after this adventure, fortunately they planned to do it just before lunch! They did a 100 times better than the rest of us 'chickens' by actually giving it a go! Jonathan excelled in bravery here, going on it 4 times by the end of the day! See him on the Surf-rider in the video below! Sorry filming does not do justice to the grand event!

Wet and wild successfully sorted out the men from the boys, but as for us adult ladies, we just did not feature! I felt like a wrinkled old prune! Erica and her friend Suzanna did all bar 3 rides/slides. And deserve medals for such bravery as far as I am concerned!I went on one slide too many, the Mammoth Boat Slide was enough to make me scream all the way down, and refuse to do anything else, except sit in a hot pool to recover and take photographs, only I ran out of batteries far too early! My kids all thought that my slide was a tame ride, and proceeded to do more scary rides/slides - and mostly without screaming too!

"Dare double dare, meet up the top of the ... Wet and Wild Surf-rider."

"No ways, go it alone buddies...I'll stick to Buccaneer Bay, with the little kids, better still - the hot pools where I just have to sit!"