Monday, September 27, 2010

Blindness to Nature

Nature study is a part of our formal education.
Scroll down and see I love this part of our our education. It gives opportunity to enjoy God's creation and revel in it. Even my littlest boy (2) is enjoying nature - last week we were waiting for the big kids outside the library and we saw a Blue Masked Honeyeater for the first time, he was so excited and wanted me to catch the bird for him :-) See these beautiful photographs

Emma is our expert when it comes to nature observation ... she knows where the lizards and geckos  hide and where there are holes in the garden and waits to figure out who lives there; she finds eggs that are half a centimetre and keeps them to see if they will hatch into what?

I love being opposite our park and seeing the trees through the seasons, and enjoy the different seed pods, leaf shapes, enjoy seeing the children climb different shaped trees.
I have noticed that there are very few children who notice these things or who have time to climb trees. They will bike around on the cement path, send texts, kick a ball, chat to friends, swing etc but then rush off sad I feel each time I notice this blindness to God's beautiful creation. How grateful I am for such awesome creation right on our doorstep! We are always finding treasures to bring home and enjoy; we keep them in a wooden bowl, otherwise they clutter up the whole house. At present our favourite seeds are the 'helicopter seeds', which twirl around like helicopter propellers after you have thrown them up in the air. Where ever we go we all scavenge for treasures.

Even grown up Jessica still can't resist the urge and takes treasure/nature samples home when she walks from the bus stop and shares them with her children at day care.

Take time to enjoy God's creation, it is a wonderful way to relax. Walk slowly and the old cliche says, " take time to smell the roses". 

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