Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pampoen Sop/ Pumpkin Soup, serves at least 10!

Actually I call it "Goldilocks Soup" for my children and it cured then of not liking pumpkin. They know it is pumpkin now but still like it. Here is my recipe.

Wash and then bake a very large pumpkin in the oven on a tray. Do it well ahead of time so that you do not burn your fingers when you peal the skin off later. It should not be so well done that it collapses, rather just soft enough to eat but still fairly firm.

In the mean while peal 5 onions and 3 or more garlic cloves. Using a very big pot, start to fry your onion in olive oil alongside spices of your choice, use in generous quantities. I use something like 3 tablespoons of very mild curry, a teaspoon of ginger, three teaspoons of garlic salt ( I would not use as much ordinary salt) and then some mixed herbs ( about 3 tablespoons, fresh herbs would be nicer, but i am not that good in the garden, maybe one day!) Sometimes I use bay leaves (4-6)) and turmeric (1teaspoon) and Cinnamon (3 teaspoons) too. Don't let your spices burn! Add garlic and then 2 kg's of bacon. (We seldom eat bacon as it has preservative in so when we do it is a very special treat.) Cook until done.

Add a kettle of boiled water (about 1.7 litres) and all your pumpkin (minus pips and skin) and a bag of red lentils, 375 grams or double if you want extra protein. Cook until your lentils are soft, making sure there is enough liquid to prevent burning. (I don't usually need to add more for 375 grams of lentils) Also to prevent burning turn the temperature down once it is boiling and stir regularly.

We always burn our tongues in our eagerness to try it - so add a dash of fresh orange juice or a dash of milk to help cool it down. Of course cream would be nice but we never have it handy!

And yes, we can almost eat all of it in one meal, if my parents eat with us, it is all gone! Serve with a salad alongside it, if you like. But we usually just finish off with a lovely fresh fruit salad, for dessert. Yummy and healthy! Don't ask me how to do it in small quantities... just give some away to someone else if you want to try the recipe or save it for later. It does fine in the fridge, although I can only vouch for overnight as ours never lasts longer than breakfast the next day. I have tried to freeze it but personally prefer it fresh!
Dis lekker, ne?
I have subsequently started a cooking blog, see http://quiverfullcooking.blogspot.com/

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