Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dust storm

Oz has not had one since in 70 years and even then not as big as this one! The dust came from central Australia and went as far and wide as Sydney and Brisbane. The redness was caused by iron and is meant to be good for our garden. Poor farmers who lost all their good top soil! Some say it even touched NZ. These photographs were taken in our garden. And we still have dust in our house on everything! So besides seeing that our garden needs work, you'll know what I ought to do this school holiday! Dusting! Did you notice our new car below? We call it the green machine and it was bought in the hopes that the big kids will learn how to drive. It looks much smarter than it really is from this angle as you can't see the bad paint work and dent- although the little kids think it is grand as it has central locking and electronic windows! It was a good buy and we are very pleased with it indeed! Douglas and I hate spending money on vehicles as they depreciate so quickly and are very bad money investments!

Gone Fishing:

Big kids and their friends on the rocks...

Fishing from morning to night....

Last term the children had a special educational workshop for two days. It usually goes around the schools to teach kids to fish! What great life skills! We got to meet new home-schoolers form North of Brisbane too. Fishing with friends from morning to night, what delightful, peaceful fun. We went to the Redcliffe man made lagoon after lunch for a swim. And saw dolphins at sunset while we were fishing in the evening. A little walk on the beach and a very late night getting home- but a well earned refreshing school day! Last time I tried fishing I hated it as all my children were little. It was at least 7 years different family dynamics are now with big kids independent and willingly and cheerfully helpers. Add to it a bunch of nice big kid's friends and my life is made truly easy! As baby and little ones are entertained and 'looked after' with no effort by all. Yippee- we got through those hard years where everyone needed Mom all at the same time.

Patient Jarryn!Emma caught a toady fish which is poisonous...we all found it very interesting as you have to be very careful not to touch it when throwing it back but Emma was far more interested in her chocolate ice block!

Grubby Tim played in the water and sand most of the day!
Erica watching dolphins as she fishes with a line only.

Be Challanged!

Here are some blogs and some good links I found on these blogs that have left me particularly challenged this week. Some of these made me cry, and I seldom petty my selfish hurts seem in comparison. May we have the heart of Christ and live with eternity in perspective!

I was very moved by this snippet of a sermon by John Piper on Suffering as a Christan. Anyone know where I can get the full sermon- I can't seem to find it?

We do suffer in our Western World but life is so much easier here isn't it? We have so much to be thankful for, so much we don't even notice , never mind give thanks it that we don't even notice....