Saturday, June 18, 2011

Skatjie has puppies:

After a night of panting and faithful human watchers taking shifts through the night, eventually the pushing began early in the AM, leaving a very tired Mummy dog and leaving us humans exhausted. Out popped a herd of 7 baby cows....just joking, puppies. But seriously they are all black and white or brown and white and so look just like a herd of cows...just too gorgeous. My favourite has a brown spot in the white path  going through its forehead.More later and photographs later too. Follow

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Birthdays

Granny's birthday is in June, a whole year ago since my sister visited. I took Granny out for breakfast, and we spent a lovely day playing games and watched the Blind Side in the evening. Here is Erica's owl cake made for Gran. Besides owls we gave Gran some books from the Cape,
Quadrilles and Konfyt The Life and Journal of Hildagonda Duckitt (South Africa) is a fascinating late 1700, early 1800 recollection of Cape escapades. For anyone who has lived there or love the Cape, this is a must read, as you are entranced by the places you know so well, come to life with history.

Tim's Birthday was up next...and as we were all sick we had a low key relaxing day...movies and computer games - he wasn't complaining! Fortunately I had taken him out for a meal the day before! His highlight on his special day was a gooey solution for the bath! Everyone donned undies or swimming gear and as many as possible squeezed in and took turns. After bathing in goo, you added another solution and it went back to normal - what fun! I still have bits of blue goo in my bathroom, it got everywhere and I have been too sick and weary to clean it all up. Happy Birthday big boy, we love you gorgeous!