Thursday, August 5, 2010

Must Look...Good Book

My new blog: "Must Look...Good Book", so take a look! 

Okay... so I am the daughter of librarians....firstly I love books as my house of hundreds of books bears witness - we eat with books, sleep with books, relax with book, loose books, fight over books, share books together, make memories with books, borrow books, lend book, give books, learn with books, make our own books, make friends with books, shop for books, get books wet in the bathroom, leave books outside, cook with books and travel with books, text books, classic books, picture books, art books, inspiring books- you name then and most good books, we got em! Or so we think until we keep run out of good books to read again - so let us know if you find some more good books!

The second issue as a librarians' daughter is that I have to TRY to organise everything....look - it may look like a mess to ya all, but I do have 8 kids, so I try me best. For me just slotting books in here and there with whatever chatter is on my mind on this blog is messy.....I have to have some categories and organisation in my life, so I keep starting new blogs, the latest - a book blog! ( See my profile for other blogs!)

Take a look! (more will come as soon as possible!)
And don't forget to read good books until you can read no more!