Friday, September 24, 2010

China: Some Statisics

Our friend's from NZ are tent making in China. They sent these statistics....

"The official abortion rate is China is around 13 million children per year. Coupled with the
number of morning after pills (the preferred method of contraception of nearly half of the
respondents of a recent survey -
09/17/content_11315443.htm - and you can see the womb is not a particularly safe place
to be (annual births are around 19 million)
By 2050… there are likely to be almost 400 million people over the age of 60 in China, and
60 million people living in Beijing. If we’re still here we’ll be 85."

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  1. hello! This week over here in The Telegraph was this article: The numbers in it are just incredible! And all the 'associated' issues that are connected with the policy! Quite sobering. . .
    Hope you are all well!