Thursday, September 23, 2010

Childish Corners

I try to instil in a child love, patience, and gratitude as a priority. And yet I find myself stumbling through 40 something years over these very same the point that I harbour over-sensitivity in a childish corner; I lick the quiet wound of invisible anger; I stifle resentment and hide the tiny flecks of frustration....until I suddenly realise how debilitating they have all become and I drag myself through life with the hideous weight of the chains of my own 'tiny' sins...labouring to carry on with life in a normal sort of way. "What utter foolishness," I declare when I wake up from such a stupor...when all it requires is a change of heart, an awareness of sin, a steady prayerful repentance and a Saviour's everlasting love. And with that comes true freedom; life in all it's fullness, true happiness and joy unspeakable.

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