Saturday, December 4, 2010

Preparing our hearts to make Christ our focus this Christmas

My Christmas blog will start up again soon! SEE

Here are some thoughts

I always plan to be ready for advent ahead of time and as always I am found scrambling around in thought as to what I am going to do! Last year I had started my own advent devotional, based on the character of God. I tell the story of Christmas as I explain the character of God. But then I had knee sugary just before Christmas last year and never finished it. This year in Mid-November I realised that I should have been doing it all through the year, so of course it is not finished – I must try and get it done by next year!

So I am left wondering, “What I am going to do this year?”

(This is my little cousins Christmas table from last year. When we are spread out all over the world it is lovely to have photographs to keep us connected!)
I think I will keep it very simple….many years ago I was inspired by Noel Piper’s book Treasuring God in Our Traditions ( ) to make every aspect of Christmas meaningful so that when our children as adults go into a shopping centre as see a Christmas tree or decorations they will be reminded of some meaningful aspect of God. For example when I see a Christmas tree now I am reminded of the wooden cross and crib. When I see little silver or gold strings of beads, I think of Christ’s humanness, of his tears. When I see strings of red beads I remember his drops of anguished blood as he agonised for our salvation and his suffering in the process. So far we have only got our trees up, and 3 little crosses made.( there is no point in remembering Christmas without remembering why Christ came, so that is why we are starting with the cross first this year) I am in no hurry and plan to do each meaningful decoration one at a time until Christmas Day, spending time explaining and enjoying a fuller meaning to Christmas. Of course nativity scenes are a must in our family. And I aim to get my cloth interactive one a bit closer to being completed! I trust this will encourage you to love our dear Saviour more this Christmas. It is a wonderful time to make your own family memories and traditions that can be passed onto new generations. Christmas Blessings  and love :-) Joy