Friday, August 13, 2010

Green Tree Pythons:

Green Tree Pythons: by Emma

Green Tree Pythons eat small mammals like mice, they also eat birds, lizards and frogs. These pythons are emerald green with a yellow belly. Their babies are bright yellow or sometimes orange. After laying the eggs the mother will sit on her eggs to keep them the right temperature. The end of their tail is brownish and they pretend that it is a wriggling worm, so they can lure animals for catching and eating.

Green Tree Pythons have teeth but are not poisonous. They use their teeth to grab their prey. They are found in Eastern Cape York Peninsula in far North Queensland, so I have not seen a Green Tree Python; I have seen a Brown snake and have touched a python at the Ipswich Animal Park. I love snakes and hate princesses and pink stuff.

What is it?

A Green Tree Frog:!

Green Tree frogs climb smooth trees with the suckers on their feet and the skin on their bellies. They are usually bright green but if they are cross they can go khaki green. This frog was sick so he is not as bright as they usually are. They eat spiders, crickets, lizards, cockroaches and sometimes other frogs.They can sometimes eat small mice in captivity.They live in the eastern and northern parts of Australia in cool damp places. They are notorious for liking the inside rim of toilet bowls

( When we lived in the country we were told that people put a steel pot cleaners in the water pipes so they could not come inside. One church we went to had an outside toilet and you always had to check the toilet before you sat. I remember Erica screaming so loudly that the whole church heard her and guessed she had met a frog!)

By Timothy and Mommy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Hobbits of Hobbitton have a footshaving holiday

There was celebration amongst most hobbits today as they had a day free of work while taking time to shave their hairy toes. Some grumbling hobbits point blank refused to shave their toes. When asked why they replied, " Who cares if I have long hair and besides I don't want you to shave my toes." No logical reason can be found for the mysterious refusal to shave, except that it can be guessed that they are perhaps more sensitive to the sensation of shaving, hate a change in routine, and truly don't care about what other people think of them.

Immunity Against Storms;

The rage batters against the door to be let in,
It's slave wind whips and stings at the doormat, trying to make believe the doormat does not exist, or that it is abused; slave wind slices at the mat with it's wicked fingernails, trying to tear it to shreds as it attempt to claw it's way in. 
The raging storm questions at the windows with rattles of doubt and taunting threats of entry and of stealing away of the peace it believes is fake. 

But inside the weary family is warmed, cuddling close together.

Their foundation is strong and secure,

Nothing can take them away from God's love.

And after the storm there is a still deeper tranquility.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wendy Francis 4 senate

 Here is an interesting development in Australian politics. Wendy has worked hard here in Queensland to get bill boards 'G rated' in an attempt to protect children. Yesterday she stuck her neck out even further in presenting her Christian world view, even though her twitter comment seems not to be her own originally, she has stood by it as her view... She is against homosexual couples as surrogate parents, as she thinks it a social experiment in which children are at risk of emotional abuse and likens it to the emotional abuse children suffered in Australia's stolen generation. What do you think?

And then what do you think about her saying, "Strange that I can be called a bigot for standing up for values that many people believe in, yet others can deride my values and that is okay."

See the issue here

She now runs risk of legal action against her.

Here is her web site
And more info about her.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

America pro building a mosque near ground zero:

I got this email this morning - it provides food for thought. (By the way the word "Kuffar" used at the end of this speech, in the phrase, "Peace, and God bless the Kuffar." .... is apparently a derogatory word used in the Arab world for "non Muslims". )

Mayor Bloomberg is in favor of their right to build this building!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Condell is a British stand-up comedian, but this video isn't comic, it's pure truth, and utterly brilliant.  His reaction to the nauseating 9/11 Mosque plan is well worth viewing  - please forward......
It takes a Brit to put into words what we should be saying.

Australia votes

In 20 something years Zimbabwe has gone from being the highest importer of maize in the world to being a down trodden people eking out an existence, with the worst of medical services you can imagine, bullied and down trodden. It does not take long for any country to change....don't think we are all right because we are Western! Please pray for these upcoming elections!

Compare FEDERAL Party Responses here: