Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Muslim Work in South Africa

Please, please, please.... take the time to read the article Islamic Dawa and Humanitarian Aid in Africa on page 11 of the March/April edition of the Barbnabus Fund Magazine! It is well worth the effort of downloading the magazine!

BFAid March-April 2009.pdf (2.4MB)

We as Westernised Christians need to wake up to the fact that we have some responsiblity to care for the poor, orphans and widows in the rest of the world....if we don't the Muslims will! I am continually shocked at the lowering of standards in South Africa. When I did social work there before my 19year old was born, there was a high standard in child care. Now I hear of governement social workes bringing children to a home without the 'adequate accomodation' , Socila workers bring children to live in shipping containers, if there is warm love and kindness shown to the children.

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