Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear people who pray for me every single day! Thank you so much!

To all the people who pray for me every single day, thank you, thank you every so much!
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your prayers!

Blessed indeed!

Besides my grandparents and parents, and my mother-in-law praying for us every day, we have had kindly older people who have 'adopted' our family for prayer, as we have moved around. They have faithfully prayed for us every single day, and we are blessed with prayers in at least four countries and in many churches as we have had to move is very humbling indeed. And I am exceedingly grateful for these Godly people who pick me, a 'nobody of importance' and who still pray for me after years of being away from them! I know my Ouma's (grandmother's) ladies Bible study still prays for us and we have never even been to her church! I have not seen my Ouma for nearly 16 years, yet she loves and prays for me, together with my Oupa (grandfather)! My Oupa cannot leave his home now, but I know he still prays! In the past Ouma's Bible study ladies have prayed for 'little' things like a child who is running a temperature or teething or struggling with speech therapy etc. After all God cares for the sparrow! I have been profoundly touched by such love!

Just tonight we traveled nearly an hour to visit our old church and an elderly gentleman came and said to me, "just to let you know that we have not forgotten you, even though you live far away from us now and we hardly ever see you, my wife and I still pray for you and the family every single day!" I was really choked up at God's grace to provide these faithful friends. They never phone or have our the latest news, or visit us....this gentleman is nearly blind and cannot 'do much' anymore but every day he and his wife pray for us! What a mighty work they are quietly doing!

Two thoughts...we can never underestimate the ministry of prayer and how God uses it!

And secondly ....what part do we take in this faithful every single day type prayer for the same people over and over again? I recon it is this type of habitual, faithful, passionate prayer that grows true 'lovers of souls'! That whisks away despair and grumpiness and frustrations.

As an older generation of praying people move heavenward, we ought to be becoming the new prayer warriors, we ought to be praying for new prayer warriors, and we ought to be adopting new people to pray for as the Lord lays them on our heart! And we ought also to be training our children the importance of praying faithfully for these dear ones every single day!

"Please, Lord, help me to be such a faithful prayer warrior too! And thank you, thank you for those who love us enough to pray for us every single day"

Photographs were taken at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens...don't they reflect a wonderful, mighty, interesting creator! The Welwichia is such an interesting plant see this blog post! ( Although please note, I do not know anything else about this blogger except that she is interested in the Welwichia, which has two leaves that keep growing, on and on )

What wondrous love that such a Creator cares so much for me!

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