Monday, January 4, 2010

What do we do in the school holidays?

Summer is so hot here... so we spend a lot of time indoors. Winter is our outdoor time instead. You may wonder what we do at home in the holidays without school? All the middle children play Zoombinies (a computer program to teach logic) Our 7 year old has just clicked too and is giving it a try. Music Ace Delux ( A very fun music theory computer program) that all the middle children do. More Starfall, an Internet based program is popular with the little ones, as is the jolly phonic DVD...okay it's 'school work' but my little kids don't seem to mind:) They also like Snakes and Ladders. Favourite board game is Settlers. Favourite 10 and up family game is Dictionary, based on the same idea of Bolderdash, but just doing it using a dictionary and paper. Favourite game where two play together is Mancanna, an African game. Marbles runs are fun as is K-nex, we have a Ferris Wheel that I got from a second hand shop very cheaply, we haven't done it this holiday yet though. Art things are always favourites...anything the kids can do on their own, they are free to help themselves to.

I have recently painted black board paint on some parts of our wall and this provides a lot of fun (and chalk dust). Roller coaster Tycoon is also played on the computer, if I allow time for it. And then of course reading, we have a good library at church and a good public library in case our own supplies dwindle! This morning we also listened to a the sermon some of us downloaded from the Internet yesterday as some missed it and it was very good indeed. I think we will try and do more in the holidays.

Jonathan and Emma are actually doing school work, the younger as she needs to not forget what learned so far as it takes such a huge effort to get anywhere...she has added recorder to her school work! Jonathan just has such a heavy work load for his final year, so he is trying to keep going! And them of course we always have friends popping over to keep us happy. Last but not lease I am sewing - yippee. I hope to help children sew too sometime soon! Of course the usual cooking, baking and cleaning etc are never ending! Did I mention washing?

Happy holidays to you all!

Here is Emma's chalk horse and her tin foil sculpture of a lizard. Emma never stops creating!

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  1. I love the tin foil lizard! holidays are so nice. will drop by soon...maybe next week...