Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Let the Little Children Come': some thoughts on abortion...

We look at history and see the rise and fall of civilizations through centuries but fail to see the fall of our own nations around us. We look at history and point fingers at Hitler and Stalin, apartheid and slavery and all the many cruelties of the world and fail to gawk at our own culture for it is the cruelest of all. We think that the cannibals and senseless wars in history were heathen and of barbaric cultures but we fail to see our culture as THE most heathen and barbaric of all - for we kill the most defenceless as  we turn our back on God, and we should have learnt the lesson with history already.

Will the children, whom we have given a chance to live, look back in history and see us for what we really are? And before you object and say, " but I wouldn't dream of having an abortion." Tell me how many people in Germany took action against Hitler? If everyone had taken action, would there have been so many Jews killed? Would he  even have even gotten into power? Or did people only wake up after it was too late and realise they should have done something earlier? 
Our apathy is doing something - it is doing nothing at all, and thereby saying it is okay for things to be as they are.

I don't know the answers to all those issues but I do know killing babies is not fair and strips them of their rights. Rights that have taken 100's of years to figure out and establish. (I recon it took so long because so many people have forgotten to look in the Bible). 
Our apathy, as abortions happen, speaks louder than words! Do we love the little children? Do we encourage them to come to us as Jesus did? Will the artists of the future illustrate our children's children's year 12 history (or should I say their SOSE books) with gruesome pictures of mass murderers killing children and pathetic onlookers doing nothing? I think they will and they will wonder why their parents, grandparents and great grandparents chose to have them and did nothing about the others.

What will you do?

Are all children a blessing or not? I say.... I think it is discrimination to say they are not.

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