Friday, May 27, 2011

'Let the Little Children Come': some more thoughts on abortion...

Is abortion really that bad? Yes, it takes away any chance of those children feeling the breeze on his/her face, or any chance of feeling the sand between their toes or the warm water lapping around their ankles. Instead they face an early murderous death and no burial.

Is abortion really that bad? Yes, it is the taking of a human life and if you don't believe me look at this quote. (This is a quote was found by Lydie Moore who is my friend on face book, she is an anti abortion activist, as is her brother Andy Moore.)

It is a quote is from a training manual which sites "Experiences in Nepal, Viet Nam and South Africa"  See p141

quote:" A final consideration regarding the abortion
team is the risk of burn-out with second trimester
abortion. Terminating pregnancies with
fully formed fetuses is often emotionally draining
for staff despite their commitment to the
women needing care.15 Confirming completion
of a 7–8 week abortion involves sorting through
blood clots and tissue, while that of a second
trimester abortion means examining fetal parts
or an intact fetus." unquote.

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