Friday, May 27, 2011

A friend emailed these John Owen Quotes to me today!

I do not understand how a man can be a true believer, in whom sin is
not the greatest burden, sorrow and trouble
John Owen

Unless we are thoroughly convinced that without Christ we are under
the eternal curse of God, as the worst of His enemies, we shall never
flee to Him for refuge.
John Owen

God sometimes marvelously raiseth the souls of his saints with some
close and near approaches unto them -- gives them a sense of His
eternal love, a taste of the embraces of His Son and the inhabitation
of the Spirit, without the least intervening disturbance; and then this
is their assurance. But this life is not a season to be always taking
wages in; our work is not yet done; we are not always to abide in this
mount; we must down again into the battle -- fight again, cry again,
complain again. Shall the soul be thought now to have lost its
assurance? Not at all. It had before assurance with joy, triumph, and
exultation; it hath it now, or may have, with wrestling, cries, tears,
and supplications. And a man's assurance may be as good, as true,
when he lies on the earth with a sense of sin, as when he is carried
up to the third heaven with a sense of love and foretaste of glory.
John Owen

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