Saturday, October 2, 2010

So what about women's rights? So what about terrorist's rights?

When it comes to being prolife versus pro abortion, inevitably the first question that pops up is,

"So what about women, don't they have any rights?" 
Which is the same as saying,
"So what about terrorists, don't they have rights?" 

Both attack and kill the defenceless and helpless for their own selfish ideology.

We don't let terrorists murder, so why do we let women chose to murder their own family? 

When we read about Mary Slessor who rescued twins in Africa as one twin was considered a child of the devil, and both were killed in case the devils child brought bad luck on the whole village - we are horrified at this barbaric behaviour. The mother's were ostracized from the village too. Yet our culture/society supports an even more common brutal murder of any 'inconvenient' babies. And encourages mothers to allow the murder their babies, and to have to live with their guilt for the rest of their lives. The 'encouragers' don't have to live with the mother's heart ache.They don't support the mother through years of heart ache!
Our women need support and love and protection - not the the right to murder. Friendships that are closer than family. Murdering their own babies just makes the situation worse than ever. God's grace can give strength in all dire circumstances, and take away guilt too. We are the ones who have to show God's love in these situations. Are we prepared to give that support, love and protection?

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