Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy bir'day 'Nannyhouse'

Last week we also celebrated my Mother's birthday. My Mom is a good friend to me and a fantastic Granny, who goes out of her way to serve and bless us, without any request for reward. We love having her around the corner, and miss her when we have not seen her in 24 hours. We are very spoilt indeed! Happy Birthday, Granny!

What's the 'Nannyhouse' all about you may be asking? 'Nannyhouse' is the affectionate name Jarryn gives to his Granny, my Mom. It all started when we were carting Jessica backwards and forwards to TAFE at the beginning of the year ( she now goes by bus) And very time we neared our home on the way back Jarryn would yell, "Nanny's house!" This meant, "I don't want to go home I want to go to Granny/Nanny's house." We pleased him all too often. And eventually Granny became 'Nannyhouse' all the time! He can say Gran, Granny or Nanny with the greatest of ease, but most most often reverts back to his affectionate 'Nannyhouse'. Here is Jarryn waiting for Granny to come and have her cake! He is patiently singing Happy Birthday.

And here at last is cake time!

It was wonderful for Ruth to be with us for some of Mom's birthday but sad that we had to say goodbye to her too. So some of Mom's Birthday photographs were taken at the airport...

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