Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Tim

Tim has just turned 6 over the long weekend past. We nickname him 'Tim Tam', as he is as sweet as Tim Tam chockie biscuits. His two year old brother calls him, Minty! And he is as sweet as a minty lolly too. Jarryn faithfully considers Tim his best friend whatever the weather! We always open presents early in the morning but Tim was not interested in opening presents until he had had breakfast (our kids always chose their own special breakfast for their birthdays) and had played on the computer (another boy birthday treat!) Eventually he enjoyed opening presents!

As Tim's birthday fell on a Saturday we had a party for him on the day. As with Emma we took a bunch of wonderful kids across the road, had a treasure hunt, and party games like pass the parcel, and then did races and had a feast. On your marks get set......go

The boys had glorious moments of 'wildness' which is still a bit beyond my understanding as I only have a sister. We came home and had leftovers, sausages and the men and big boys went to get us some hot chips for dinner. The kids all did their own face painting....pirates and spider men etc gruesome and bleeding they emerged to shock us. The girls seemed to enjoy it as much as the boys, I must say!

Note the soccer ball candles; Tim got a soccer ball and a bike for his birthday from us.

Tim embraces life with exuberance... He loves to read and his favourite books are Tin Tin and Asterix! (A typical Murray boy! They have all loved these books as soon as they first start reading and still do! ) Outdoors he jumps and jumps on the trampoline, plays soccer and of course rides his bike as fast as possible- watch out, here he comes! He loves to be with his friends, eat good food, and enjoys swimming and running. Red and orange are his favorite colours. He is a talented young lad, his greatest difficulties are to not pout when things go wrong and to stay humble and kind and generous, but even that he is getting pretty good at!What a wonderful gift our Tim is to us, what a blessing! We are so proud of him and love him so much. He delights us and amuses us, he charms us and challenges us, he makes life interesting and much we love him!

Be warned the face painting photographs below are quite shocking, you may want to skip them!

The pimply pirateThe boy whose brother fought with him
And believe it or not this is the hearty and gruesomely injured pirate, Emma the artist, who just could not resist as much face paint as possible! Ha, ha, ha ,ha!

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