Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snippets of my South African Heritage:

I spent most of my childhood in Cape Town and grew up in the apartheid era. I still have very strong ties emotionally to South Africa, I do not talk about them much, except to speak to my children. But I do write privately as I try and figure it all out. Here are just a few snippets from YouTube that I came across yesterday (I do not agree with everything represented here) grab a cup of coffee and come and walk with me across my land, and experience some of the interesting and frustrating things that make me an African, the things I love and hate, the things that make me cry, and even though I live away, they are the things that make me an 'African'.

Hierdie is van die Kaap af (this is from the Cape) .....

District 6:

As a kid i would have driven past district six each time I went to the city. I was always aware of it's history and sadness. Most of the land itself stood empty and barren all my childhood, here are two snippets of the background...

And on the other side off the city you get a well preserved glimpse of history. This is where the dressmaker who did my wedding dress lived and so it bring back happy memories for getting ready for my wedding( 21 years this year: forgot to blog it on the 25th March) :

Bo Kaap


In our Western culture we have no word for the African word Ubuntu, it is a word that describes how a human being is a certain way because of the people, the community they have lived with and because of who has influenced them. I have heard Westerners dismiss it as humanism, but I feel they do not understand the concept for an African point of view. Ubuntu talks about love, kindness and compassion...these things are are not only dependant on Christians in terms of their existence. From a Christan point of view, I believe that as humans we all fall under God's general grace, and have these things as part of our blessings in life. I often wonder if as Western Christians we forget to live in a close way because of our culture....we have little concept on practical day to day living about what Ubuntu is about. Here is what Nelson Mandela says about Ubuntu:

The Ubuntu Experience (Nelson Mandela Interview)

Further random snippets.....

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, on how ubuntu is comes to the fore in present AIDS epidemic.

Tutu on forgiveness I am an African - Thabo Mbeki

Jacob Zuma, the president for South Africa today:

Here is an interview with him reflecting on his rise to power.

Afrikaners the only white African tribe

People still suffering in SA

And from tourist point of view: which makes me chuckle at some mistaken and what is missed, I wonder if I am as 'touristy' here in Oz?

this one is better,

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