Sunday, April 18, 2010

Missing you too and Maths etc

Sorry Alison

I cannot figure out how to reply to a comment so I will have to do it here, see below!

Tony and Alison Gilchrist said... Hello dear sister,

Missing you. Even though I haven't been at church to miss you! Just got back from a week with my family in Sydney today! Just wondering about Saxon that the one you recommended to me?? Couldn't quite remember. Would you please be able to check this link out for me if Saxon Maths is the one you mentioned. Is that a good saving??
love Alison

Hi Alison

I can't begin to tell you how much we have all missed everyone at church as well. You are all still so very much loved and very,very much in our prayers. God has been very good to us... for He heals the broken hearted and binds our wounds; He has humbled us and used our broken hearts to draw us near to Him. He has given us hearts of tremendous love and compassion, of trembling prayfulness and of peace, beyond understanding, by His merciful grace! I have never been with a group of people so aware of God's love and grace, so humble in the deep distress at unintended hurts that have been caused due to circumstances, so trembling in prayer for those who are hurting as they are aware that they themselves cannot heal these hurts. So eager to serve God as He wants them too. And so I thank God for such a touching and humbling experience indeed. I cannot always chose the path my children must walk and that I find the hardest ( I wish I could protect them all from hurts) but I pray that the way He shows us to go will always be used to lead them closer to Him.

Timmy is soooo looking forward to Elliot's birthday party, he checks the invitation regularly! He has missed Elliot a lot already! I hope you have had a lovely time in Sydney!

Re early maths....I love Saxon for Grades 1,2 and 3. I have also tried Singapore Maths G1 too, also good. I have both if you want to see them and compare. The only weakness of Saxon at this level for me personally is teaching of 10s and ones/units etc. But that is easily solved with a bit of imagination, as not hard to teach. My best friend actually likes the way they teach it - so it is just a matter of personal reference. I also like Teaching Textbooks but that only starts at grade 4 level. My bright boys have used Saxon all the way through, they have two different 'CD ROM teachers at upper levels. Also for the upper level... Paul B. looked at Saxon as did a USQ maths lecturer and both said it was easily at the very top levels of maths in the schools. For this reason I always start with Saxon to see where their maths ability is at as it is harder to get into it later, I think, maybe??

Re price..yes, that looks very good and is even cheaper than Rainbow's usually cheapest of cheap prices ( ) Both companies are good and efficient with mailing things, compare mailing prices, Rainbow is cheaper if you have a big order, so I usually share an order with others! Rainbow and Christian Books are my two most used companies. I also love Timberdoodle , but they carry fewer things. Sometimes Timberdoodle are cheaper than the publishers themselves!

Thank you for your friendship and prayers, God bless my dear friend, love Joy

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