Monday, April 19, 2010

The Best 8 year old Gift a Mom could have....

Eight years ago I received a precious gift from God. It is a gift that took some hours of work to help it finally arrive....but the reward was, "oh so sweet” / “good as gold". It was a heavenly gift given in New Zealand, a Kiwi gift. How I love this gift, it is a treasure worth more than it's weight in gold. It has many facets. My interest in it never wanes. It is a gift that can produce great works of art; it inspires great religious and philosophical thoughts. I have treasured it and never for a moment would I part with it. I enjoy it every single day. It is a gift that makes me so happy that it makes me laugh and laugh. Sometimes when this gift is broken I cry and cry and pray and pray until the Maker of the gift has done the repairs. Words cannot tell of it's great worth and of the great joy I have each day from this gift...Happy Birthday Emma! You are indeed a precious gift from God!

Emma loves God and His beautiful creatures and creation. Her best friend is her brother Timothy (Minty/Tim Tam). And she is very close to her big sisters too. Adoringly she plays with her 'baby' brother. She complains when her big brothers tease her, but secretly she has a lot of fun with them too. She hates them winking at her and so of course they love to wink at her! She faithfully feeds and waters our 'not so little kitten' everyday. She is an artist par excellence. And she adores our pet dogs and cats. Catching lizards and geckos in our garden has long been a favourite past time. Emma loves photography....most of the photographs here were taken by Emma. I praise and thank God for our beautiful and precious gift!

Birthday Girl!Flying like the wind, on her new bike with Granny and Grandad

and the rest of the gang, just watches...
Emma with the kids...

Taking photographs of little brothers is fun!

As is taking photographs of her art.

Emma's takes photographs of her pets

Did I say her favourite animal is a horse? This is as big as her horses get though!

In fact Emma loves to take photographs of just about anything! There is nothing safe and no one safe from the lens when Emma is prowling the house with a camera! She even managed to capture our real life mess and the dirty washing which one brother just dumped on the floor, see if you can spot it!

(Trying on big boy clothes)

Two Hundred and Fifty Photographs in just one day with at least as many duds deleted by her mother....Needless to say she now knows how to delete as she goes along now! Happy Birthday our fun photographer!

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  1. Such a lovely reflection upon your beautiful daughter. Our little ones are such precious gifts!!