Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zimbabwe, please pray!

I stay in touch with a Zimbabwe homeschooling lady. Her family is one of the few white farming families left in Zim. Do you know in the 80's Zim was exporting Maize! And Doug says it was the biggest maize grower in the world. This is so hard to even imagine now, when they cannot even feed their own people now! The white farmers who are left in ZIm now are oftentimes staying on their farms in order to protect their workers and provide food for them and others in the area. Each farm that is destroyed by Mugabe's mob destroys 100's of peoples income or means of survival! Hospitals have little or no supplies, Dr's are leaving as they cannot do anything without medicines and supplies. As with Haiti, many are dying. The world forgets them form election to election. But they need our ongoing prayers and help as well.

My Zim friend has asked for prayer again as there is some trouble on farms again...for protection of those involved, no names given, nor needed for us to pray. We know of many others in Zim too. And some who are planing to go back to work there in a Christan capacity. Please pray.

Here is a dream for Zim... the everyday people are hardworking, warm and kind and peaceful... the politicians have a lot to answer for in destroying such a beautiful country. (Please note, I do not agree with any of the comments that are racist etc.)

Ndebele , for those of you who don't speak it there are beautiful photographs of Zim! Note the 1988 coin equal to today 10 million dollar note!

And in case you speak Shona!

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