Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Things Happening...

Holidays are over for us....they have been so busy that I look forward to a normal 'quiet' school routine! School starts tomorrow for if I am a bit quite that will be why!

I have spent part of the school holidays house hunting, helping my Mom and Dad find a house to buy. They are now the owners of a house just two streets away from us and as the crow flies in line with our house! God is so good to give us grandparents close by....what a blessing to us they are!

We will miss them living with us....Jarryn especially as he loves to get an early morning cuddle and then have his rice bubbles with Granny or Grandad (or Papa as Grandad is called by Jarryn.) But we are very excited to have another house to visit so close and to see all sorts of interesting things arriving from NZ

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