Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bus Party

This bus makes ours look small! Ours is a 12 seater, this one was a 25 seater! Can you spot Erica here? Both Erica and I joined this wonderful bus party, so please take a look!

What a lovely day we both had with our friends! Erica and Sinead talked and talked and talked....when I asked them what they talked about they looked at me blankly, and Erica said, "oh, just every day sorts of things" Isn't it nice to have a friend who talks about everyday sorts of things merrily for as long as possible! Thank you Sinead for being a wonderful friend to Erica and for having a 10th Birthday, so that we could join in with the fun! And thanks to Wendy and Dominick for all your well thought out effort and hard work! It was a wonderful day...very good memory making!

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