Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The greatest artist ever...

I wonder who you think the greatest artist is? Whenever we look at art, go to an art gallery, or an art shop etc we have a family tradition of each person chosing their favourite artist and then explaining why they like that artist best!

Our favourite art gallery here in Brisbane is in Landsborough on the Sunshine Coast. As a contemporary Australian artist, I like Donald Waters best...his art is happy  and full of people. And being a 'people person' I like the characters he portrays. He has a cultural ethnic vibe that I used to feel in NZ and South Africa, but that I don't often feel here. See http://www.landsboroughgalleries.com.au/category/3/default.asp

Jessica likes Greg Postle the bird artist who often has a twist of humour. http://www.landsboroughgalleries.com.au/category/4/default.asp And she also finds Brian Wood interesting http://www.landsboroughgalleries.com.au/subcategory/60/default.asp. and enjoys Susan Smidt http://www.landsboroughgalleries.com.au/subcategory/55/default.asp

Erica likes Robert Hagan's horse pictures and in terms of being a brilliant artist, he truly is the best!

For me though the greatest artist of all time and of all the world is God himself...look around you and see His beautiful creation! See His daily sunrise/sunset, see the new flower bud on a tree, new fruits. Because we are made in His image I think we are able to enjoy beauty and should take pleasure in creating beautiful things too. Now although I enjoy crafts I could not paint to save my life....unless I was 'colouring in' with paint as in folk art painting. But we don't have to be artists to be artstic.


Erica captured this image of the one of the art pieces of our never ending great artist, God. Where ever you look you can find a piece of art if you look hard enough for it. Even in the darkest cell, there is art within our souls and imaginations.

I like Edith Shaeffer's book the Hidden Art of Homemaking.http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Art-Homemaking-Edith-Schaeffer/dp/0842313982 . I have not read it in years and years, I must look at it again. But in principal she sugests that we make our home beautiful at very litttle expense. With 8 children believe you me we fight clutter and mess constantly....CONSTANTLY!

But I am trying to make something beautiful out of everyday things all the time and take pleasure in making things pretty for a moment...I like to make a nice brightly coloured swiss roll stack out of my towels, or I take pleasure in beautifully folded fresh smelling washing. I enjoy a bunch of leaves or flower picked while on a walk to decorate a table or refresh my kitchen with a differnt look. I enjoy litle niknacks that fill little corners with pleasure. Recently I have bought some salt and pepper cellars and thoroughly enjoy them..a cupcakes set, a set of cows and a rooster and hen.

Of course I have enjoyed doing landscape quilting recently too but don't be deterred by this seemingly grand activity....any one can place a few pretty cushions in the right spot or tie back a curtain with the 'just right ' tie back. Everyone has the potential to be artistic in our own way as we reflect the most wonderous creator of all...God!

Here is an interesting and inspring blog post on this topic. http://theinspiredroom.net/2009/10/29/live-dangerously-surround-yourself-with-beauty/

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