Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Our society is fascinated with fit and healthy, not to mention skinny. We encourage our kids not to be couch potatoes! We are also busy and seldom eat family meals together three times a day. I believe these cultural ways of living can mask symptoms of Anorexia. Sometimes it is too late before we realise how serious the problem is.

Anorexia is not what we believed it to be last century. Here are some brilliant web sites explaining how we should view Anorexia. I believe every one of us should have a good understanding of it, not just professionals who have to deal with it. Even with my social work background there are big chunks of information that I missed or research that now supports different thinking. Please take the time to look at these web sites. You never know when someone close to you or your family may need you to understand this condition.

Both web sites are really interesting, give it a go!



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