Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do people eat penguin eggs?

11 & 13 Park Road c.1980

My Grandfather Kerkham's book will give you the answer to this question. He tells of the history of early Cape Town, South Africa as he tells his family history of the family coming to Cape Town from England and life in this magnificent city. See http://kerkham.wikispaces.com/wak00 . I remember going to photograph the house above with my grandfather as a little girl. Notice Table Mountain just behind! I have very happy memories of picnics in the same spots as mentioned in his book. I also visited Tamberskloof School as a little girl as my uncle was principal there.

I miss having a history and background like this to pass onto my children. It is one of the many sacrifices one makes in the process of immigrating. I will always love Cape Town- it is one of the loveliest cities in the world, if not the loveliest!


Mother at Ye Old Rocky Tree ( my great grandmother)

Father's Clyno Tourer ( My great grandfather)

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