Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mud, Mud Glorious Mud

Our day started quiet normally and quite clean.......but later school had to be cancelled for an hour or two due to the temptation of heavy rains and it's consequent potential for creating mud! Joseph has never been able to resist mud and he was soon followed by Erica, Emma and Tim and then Jessica kindly let Baby Jarryn out to join the fun too!

Yip...his aim is pretty good...he got me on the stomach

Our garden needs to be landscaped but in the meanwhile the kids have built their own bike ramp which was soon converted into a lovely mud slide/mud pool by the children and the rain. Water was collected from a nearby gutter that was leaking and dumped into the new 'bath'/mud pool . the sand pit shell was used as a boat. The leaking gutter doubled as a shower if they got a bit too muddy!

I love my children so much and love being with them all day every day...what a blessing a homeschooling lifestyle is to us as it integrates a natural love for real life living.

So this is what happens to the Murray family when we have been away from NZ rain and mud for too long, with drought conditions and water restrictions!

Well we finally managed to get everyone clean and dry, washing done and Jarryn in bed, school work finished for the day and I came downstairs to find my oven on..???....I peeked in hoping someone was baking me a nice chocolate cake for being such a nice Mummy...after all not all mothers allow such messy fun ....but what did I find in my oven....nothing but mud bricks drying...

I love him!

He is experimenting with oven baked and sun baked mud bricks, not that there is much sun today!


they all escaped into the garden again and had to be changed out of muddy clothes again...
As of now everyone is banned from the garden for the rest of the year!

I guess I will feel better about it tomorrow! :)

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