Monday, October 26, 2009

another answer to prayer

Granny and Grandad take Jarrynto the park earlier this year.

We ate our fist avocado today! When Granny was here last she said to one of the kids that maybe she would come again when the avo's were ripe. And so today we were just bemoaning the fact that she wasn't here yet. Mind you we only had one avo on the tree! But can you believe it? I have just had a call from my Mom.... they have just a few hours ago had an offer on their house in NZ, it goes unconditional as soon as they can sign the paperwork! Doesn't God take such care of the small details in our children's lives- what perfect timing. What a precious confirmation for the child invloved! So yippee and yay.... they are coming to the wonderful land of Oz! Their transfer will go through sooner than ours and they will be here in 3-4 weeks time. They will stay with us until they can buy here. We pray they will find a house close by. We have been without 'rellies' close by for 5 and a half years- it will be so nice to have them close again, I still miss all our South African 'rellies' and from that point of view immigration is always hard...what a blessing grandparents are to grandchildren! God is so good to us, indeed this is a blessing from Him for which we are very grateful indeed! Please pray for their dear friends, Errol and Kim, who live a few doors away and meet with them in their home for church which Dad has led for years and years will be hard or them to say goodbye to each other. Errol is undergoing treatment for cancer at present. We hope they will come and visit here in Oz again though!

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