Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sharing: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Emma has just had a birthday, and for her own birthday she bought a budgie for her sister! Last year she was given a tame budgie and then when our dog killed it the same sweet girl gave her another budgie! So it was a natural reaction to want to bless her sister as she had been blessed! I was really touched by her generosity, as she does not have a lot of money, she used her money that was given to her for Christmas!

My little boys are a bit more complicated, today they were having races up and down a ladder that was lying flat on the ground - they were sooooo cute as they were taking turn to come first. Only they lost track of whose turn it was to come first and there was a bit of a melt down and a squabble! It was a nice start at any rate and a good opportunity to talk about attitude etc!

My two middle boys and my middle girl gave generously today, without me even asking! I was sorting out the garage - a massive job that has not been completed since we moved here 3 years ago in a hurry after we had flooded. When I got inside after dark the kitchen cupboards had been beautifully tidied, dishes were done (minus a dishwasher, which is broken!), the floor mopped, dinner cooked, lawns mowed, washing done. Then tonight while I was putting little ones to bed the washing was hung out (3 or 4 loads!) and piles ( at least 3 or 4 loads) were folded  and packed away and dinner dishes done too (minus a dishwasher!) How impressive indeed!

I can't leave out my big kids who came home from Toowoomba fireworks with the most gorgeous horsie T-shirts for their little sister's birthday and candy floss too! How thoughtful and sweet! 

Oh how immensely blessed it is to train up these young ones and see them grow! Children are indeed a blessing and heritage!

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