Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Parents Prayer/Hymn by Thomas Haweis 1734-1820

Do you remember this post in July 2010?

Today we sang this hymn again and what a thrill to see that child singing happily...things have changed in his heart!  It is still my earnest prayer for my children, now more than ever...

1. Our children, Lord, in faith and prayer,
We now present to Thee;
Let them Thy covenant mercies share,
And Thy salvation see.

2. Such helpless babes
Thou didst embrace,
While dwelling here below;
To us and ours, O God of grace,
The same compassion show.

3. In early days their hearts secure,
From worldly snares, we pray;
O let them to the end endure
In every righteous way.

Before them let their parents live
 in goldy faith and fear,
then, Lord, to heaven their souls recieve,
and bring their children there

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