Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God cares about our little needs

This morning I really wanted to talk to a special friend that I have only got to know recently,she is real sweet and a good 'pray-er'. Due to certain circumstances I didn't feel quite brave enough to phone her I asked God if He would get her to phone me today, I am not normally that bold. I promptly forgot my request until she phoned this afternoon.

If God cares for us in such little things, how much more we can trust Him for the big things. How wonderful to have special friends who are good at praying for you and with you and who are good at encouraging you and are just there for you when you need them!

As another friend says, "God gives us little love letters from heaven, to remind us of His love for us.". Our God even remembers to answer the prayers we forget we have prayed!

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