Thursday, May 5, 2011

G Rated Outdoor advertising!

My oldest son (17) complains bitterly that he has to endure disgusting adverts on the bus he has to use to get to TAFE! Why should our society be dictated to by advertisers? And why should a moral young man making his first inroads into adulthood have to even be bothered with this issue. Let us live on in peace, and leave perverted adverts to those who crave perversion and will find it in any case. The average person in Australia just wants to get on with life, without such gross visuals… giving our children a wholesome and innocent and beautiful life! Make outdoor advertising G rated, please. From a Mother of 8 (3 - 20 years)

If you feel as strongly as I do, why not sign this petition? 

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  1. The avert my son was complaining about was a particulary ill clad lady draped over his buses. If fact it created the impression that she was nil clad.

    Someone has passed on this link too.