Monday, May 2, 2011

At the park 2

Today was one of my favourite types of days, after an early rise and a scurry around to get things tidy and lunch cooked early in the morning we relaxed for the rest of the day with friends. This time we had my parents and a friend's parents too so all generations were there - could not get better! Cricket, soccer, Junior Pictionary, croquet, debates and chats and of course relaxing in the park.... I do not feel at liberty to share photographs of others but here are some of our children at the park. All the photographs in this post are taken by Jessica Murray
 Here the little kids were painting rocks with water.

Tim painting the giraffe rock.

Jarryn's turn with the giraffe rock.

What a wonderful big sisiter Jessica is to do such fun things with the little children!

Erica teaching her friends to unicycle

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