Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ephesians 4

On Friday night I went to bed grumpy to find a bookmark had fallen out onto my know the type, "what to do when you are sad, happy etc":..."silly thing," I thought irritably and then scanned down to the bottom one; "what to  do when you are resentful" Well that suits me, I thought, feeling unwilling to forgive, and then I glanced at the suggested verse - "Oh no a whole chapter, Ephesians 4." I had decided by Saturday morning that I needed to learn it and what better way than to do something creative with it? As sewing takes too long, I decided to paint it and even then I am lazy so I printed the word on a Lazar printer and used PVA glue, front and back to glue words on and protect them on the canvas/ The kids all had a chance to 'help' too. And we now have a new poster on our wall! After sharing this passage with a friend today she sent me the Voddie sermon, See below.....
I had to chuckle at the providence of God as it was my husband that I did not feel like forgiving on Friday night. So I could say by the grace of God, we are starting on the road of Ephesians 4 this week!

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