Thursday, April 21, 2011


I get really excited at this time of the year as we come up to Easter and look at the passover and see how clearly the passover points to the Messiah. And again I have been totally awestruck to read the Easter story in the gospels again .....never think you are too old to learn more or to get exited about what God has done for you- go on.... take a few hours and read this beautiful true story to your family. 

Have you bought your Easter eggs yet - good for you! More importantly the questions should be have you read the story of Jesus death and resurrection? Have you  explained how the passover points the Jew to their beloved Messiah.....Easter bunnies will be here for your child's life time, the impact of Jesus death and resurrection will be here for your child's eternity. 

I am writing little booklets for my children and my friend's children this Easter about the character of God, giving the a theological framework/explanation to the background of Easter. There is soooo much that is beautiful and pure and lovely that we can teach and encourage our children with at Easter time. In  comparison Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs seem crude and crass. "So do you have Easter Eggs," you ask? Yes, of coarse we do! The Old Testament is full of parties/celebrations and for us Easter Sunday is a happy day of remembering that Christ is alive! And for better or worse we have eggs, not in copious quantities but enough for a good Easter egg hunt and to feel like we have a party on hand. I do at some stage remind the children that an egg is symbolic of new life and that we can have a new life in Christ, but this is not my reason for having Easter eggs.

Happy Easter dear ones, may God bless and keep you and make his face to shine on you and give you His peace!

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