Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Curriculum:

This is what we have used and love over the years....we started with drawing text books which is the cheapest and best value for money. Gordon School of Art is the best art program for the really serious artist. Draw today is great for thinking out of the box, you draw everything inside dawn, train your brain to draw what you actually see. My older kids have won art prizes with this method - the down side you use charcoal which is messy if you are not thoroughly organised with a basin of water next to each person. Even someone who is not a natural artists person gets brilliant results as long as they are prepared to try and work hard! 

Presently we are using How Great thou Art for my 11, 9, 6 year olds; Beginning Drawing and I can DO all Things and I am very happy with them....we are really pleased with it! I also have their Art History/appreciation  program which I have glimpsed at and LOVE!

Draw Write Now is good for independent work! And is a real bonus if a kid likes art but not writing. The  beginner Gluck Art programme can be used  independently with a mature kid. We generally buy from Christian books or Rainbow Resource centre or Timberdoodle if they stock things. Of course you get free postage from Book Depository in the UK and Amazon UK has free postage to some countries now!

Teach Art at Home:
How Great Thou Art:
Gordon School of Art:
Draw Write Now:
Drawing Textbook:
The Gluck Method:
Draw and Paint today:

Happy reflecting our great Artist, who paints a new sunset and sunrise for us each day, and creates beauty in each cell, each flower, each mountain, each ocean for his own glory and for our pleasure. What a wonderful God we serve, Joy

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