Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My mother: I love her

My mother is there when I am crying, helping me to stay strong - even when she is sad too.

My mother is there to share each joy, making the happiness even happier because it is shared. 

My mother looks after children with me from 20 year old needs of encouragement to 3 year old temper tantrums and Gruffello stories My mother sometimes babysits when it is too early for any sane retiree to be up or too late for that matter too. She does not complain when it is too long or too late; and says thank you for the guilty chocolate or flowers which could never express my gratitude and thankfulness!

And last but not least she is helping me with spelling tests - phew, what a relief! As far as I am concerned only an angel would do that! 

Thank you Mom, for being such a wonderful mother/ grandmother! We love you! 

Motherhood never ends, it grows with your children and their children too!

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