Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christchurch's Second Earthquake.

The pictures haunt us as the numbers of those dead climb. Many wait with grief in their hearts for news of the loved ones still missing.

But the happy grateful stories also trickle in to lift the sadness. I heard one story that warmed my heart and made me cry with thankfulness! A friend though homeschooling circles was meant to go into Christchurch to do some work with homeschoolers, but because they had planned seminar for the next day, she deferred her trip into Christchurch until the next day ( the day after the quake), thus missing the earthquake at it's worst point - so although her home was shaken, she was safe. This is what her husband wrote, "She would have been right in the wrong place when it hit. We are being well looked after by the Lord. It didn't take us long to be thankful I can tell you. She goes to Community House which backs on to the Square and only a stone's throw from the Cathedral. She may never have come home."

I keep thinking too, imagine if it had hit on the day of the homeschooling seminar, so many more children's lives would have been effected. And so with many tears and payers for those who suffer, we can still lift out hearts in thankfulness for those who have been kept safe.

Want to know why God allows suffering? Listen to this: 

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