Friday, August 13, 2010

What is it?

A Green Tree Frog:!

Green Tree frogs climb smooth trees with the suckers on their feet and the skin on their bellies. They are usually bright green but if they are cross they can go khaki green. This frog was sick so he is not as bright as they usually are. They eat spiders, crickets, lizards, cockroaches and sometimes other frogs.They can sometimes eat small mice in captivity.They live in the eastern and northern parts of Australia in cool damp places. They are notorious for liking the inside rim of toilet bowls

( When we lived in the country we were told that people put a steel pot cleaners in the water pipes so they could not come inside. One church we went to had an outside toilet and you always had to check the toilet before you sat. I remember Erica screaming so loudly that the whole church heard her and guessed she had met a frog!)

By Timothy and Mommy

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