Friday, August 13, 2010

Green Tree Pythons:

Green Tree Pythons: by Emma

Green Tree Pythons eat small mammals like mice, they also eat birds, lizards and frogs. These pythons are emerald green with a yellow belly. Their babies are bright yellow or sometimes orange. After laying the eggs the mother will sit on her eggs to keep them the right temperature. The end of their tail is brownish and they pretend that it is a wriggling worm, so they can lure animals for catching and eating.

Green Tree Pythons have teeth but are not poisonous. They use their teeth to grab their prey. They are found in Eastern Cape York Peninsula in far North Queensland, so I have not seen a Green Tree Python; I have seen a Brown snake and have touched a python at the Ipswich Animal Park. I love snakes and hate princesses and pink stuff.

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