Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today We Visted a Fish and Chips Shop...Or...Am I Homophobic?

I am pleased I left the kids in the car with an older sibling for a few short minutes...

two women are  holding hands in front of me as they placed their order. I imagine an older woman holding a grief stricken younger women in comfort as they faced some sudden death of a loved one. They turn slightly and I realised they were the same age. Perhaps they are long lost sisters? They move back and I collect and pay for my order. As I walk out I can not avoid the couple for they are smooching passionately and openly in the middle of the tiny crowded shop! I am shaken.

I am so pleased I left the kids in the car with an older sibling for a few short minutes...

Am I homophobic? ....No I weep those two kids, I fear for them and for all who do not respect God's ways! Why? Simply put ... His ways are perfect and the only way to happiness. By not following Him they risk losing happiness, of any sense of fulfillment and direction. I remember Sodom and Gomorrah and remember Lot's wife who was foolish enough to look back against God's wish - all of that city and Lot's dear wife were destroyed. Lot's life and his daughters lives were never the same again - fear and frustration led to more sin, more misery.

I do not judge, I shake with fear. I live in a city like Sodom and Gomorrah, where no one thinks there will be any consequences, but there will be and God alone can help us!

I urge you...chose today whom you will serve, for you cannot serve two masters at is the devil (often times in disguise of many religions) and the other is the one true livign God. Our lives last an eternity, we chose now where we will spend the rest of our time.

Am I homophobic? No I have had friends who are homosexual. I have no problem befriending such  people. But am I afraid for their eternal well being? Yes, as I am afraid for the eternal well being of anyone who says they are a Christian but never shows any fruit or who openly deny they have a faith in God.

You think I am not being very PC ( politically correct)? :-) I am merely taking the liberty of exercising my right to freedom of speech!

Luke 19: 41 41 And when he (Jesus) drew near and saw the city (Jerusalem) , he wept over it.
How greatly must God weep over our cities today...for how much it has cost Him to send His dearly beloved Son for the benefit of our salvation. May we weep with Christ for our cities and be drawn to compassionate action!

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