Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Starfall: The Best!

For years we have loved the free reading program Starfall, it is really brilliant! Than last year we registered for More Starfall and loved that even more! This  year we have re-registered, as it gets better and better. Timothy is reading well ahead for his age and Emma has been able to access extra remedial work. Jarryn always utterly amazes me at what he can mange to do - he tries every thing! This year they have developed their early maths area. They have work varying from from basic counting, recognition of numerals and number word to counting to 1000, there is adding subtracting and multiplying and dividing. They are brilliantly visual e.g. When you subtract, your things get eaten up and taken away. When you add they dance together. They use singing and rhyming too e.g. "4x8 is 32. Don't feed hippos at the zoo" etc.

I have used it with my kids since they were two.It is the best computers can offer little ones ( and bigger ones) in learning! Take a look, I would never usually pay a yearly fee to access something but this is truly worth it! Start with Starfall and then move onto More Starfall ( it does not have the maths though) and then if you like it try More Starfall.
Jarryn playing mulitplication concerntration, he plays it as a matching game but is sure to learn his muliplication eventaully as he goes along the way! LOL. "4x9 is 36, this little house is made of bricks."

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