Monday, November 1, 2010

Immigration 2

PS: On the positive .... (1) This is home! This is a lovely home for our children and we are very happy here. To leave would mean that our children would go through the same as we went through in leaving South Africa.

(2) Having lots of children we have the opportunity to do lots of fun things least they have each other, even if they are away from cousins and second cousins etc.  We are also especially blessed to have a Granny and Grandpa around the corner from us. One does especially treasure family when you are separated by immigration, and finances do not allow visits.

(3) Friends, all sorts of them, have been 'adopted' to be as family to us and for that we are very grateful and very blessed. After I had written about Immigration this morning a friend popped in, who we had not seen for a long time. My little ones gave this South African 'Tannie/Aunty' a big hug, quite spontaneously. We have seen each others children grow up as we were both in NZ together and immigrated to Australia too. We are very blessed with friends of many ages and nationalities here.

(4) I know if we went back South Africa would not be as it was before, as we knew it - we would be starting all over again. It is a matter of calling really, if God has a purpose and reason for us to be in any country, then He will make it clear....we have only to be willing to serve Him.

(5) And in the long run it is a reminder of our eternal home, where we will be perfectly 'at home' and never homesick - forever!And re-untied with our loved ones in South Africa forever too.

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