Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessica

It a bit late in coming but it comes with all my love...a tribute to my oldest daughter who hit her twenties last month.
Giving presents to Jessica in the early morning before she goes to TAFE.

Family Birthday chaotic fun in the evening
Blowing out candles with the family.. too many to fit on the cake! Traditionally, in our family, however many candles you do not blow out, that is how many boyfriends you have; so in order to prevent any brotherly teasing, it is of utmost importance that you blow out all your candles. And that Jarryn does not blow out candles for you! Happy Birthday sweetie!
Jessica is our pied piper when she is not buried in books studying. The little kids adore her, she has the energy I had with the big kids when they were little...Jessica climbs playground equipment with them and runs with them, and plays energetic games with them. Jessica talks to them as sweetly as can be, "so Jarryn how did you wake up this morning...grumpy or happy?” “Me happy", he chuckles back " (for once his me happy really means he is happy, often he will say that when he is grumpy in order to prevent the inevitable much needed sleep)They love her as a second mother but it is different to a motherly relationship as Jessica has none of the motherly responsibilities - there is more freedom to just enjoy the kids...undistracted adoration, bliss, fun - truly the only way to describe it is to say there is nothing better in the whole world than a big sister who adores you. Recently the two little girls had moved into Jessica's room when Granny came to visit. When they moved out of her room Jessica moved into their room as she missed them so much.

What about the big boys, how do they see their big sister? A delightful bundle of 'gullible', who falls for every dot of teasing they dish out to her! What boy could want more in a big sister? But more they have! A sister who bosses them when they don't read their Bible or comforts when they feel down, who insists on the headphones going off so she can talk to them and be their friend, a sister who insists that they are too shy and need to practise talking to girls now while they are young otherwise they will be awkward when they want to find a wife...." so when last did you actually talk to a girl properly?"

Jessica is studying child care this year. She has completed her certificate level and has just started her diploma, which she is trying to do by the end of next year, instead of over two years. It is very intense but she is managing. I admire her guts, her fighting spirit, her determination...she has fought against hidden disabilities and conquers far more than she ever thinks she is capable of conquering. She is my best friend right up there with my parents and dear hubby.

She is passionate and compassionate. I admire her smooth transitioning from homeschooling to secular on campus studies. She befriends the underdog; she is a fearless but fearsly kind evangelist. She is a pro-life activist; she has a prayer support group on face book for 'our orphanage' in South Africa. She is a pray-er, who has fought against the odds to prove that she can do what many thought she could not do. She has faced trials I cannot imagine, and has come out stronger and closer to God. I know I am her mother but I think she is the most wonderful daughter a mother can have. We have prayed for her from before conception, and will continue to pray for her for as long as we live. She has truly risen up to bless us abundantly!

Here is her blog  http://1of8kids.blogspot.com/

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