Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brilliant, 'Must-Get' Devotional Book

Douglas and I are enjoying this stimulating devotional together. It is out of print and we bought the last copy in Australia as far as we can figure out .... so as I have just joined Amazon, click on it and I can get commission ( if you buy it) which will go towards an orphanage in South Africa. It is definitely worth the effort of ordering from overseas, and we plan to get a few more copies as gifts! Make sure that they do international shipping as with an out of print book they have individual bookshops selling via Amazon, and some don't sell overseas. A really must get book for sure! It covers basic theology in a very interesting way - makes you really think, although very simple!


  1. Hi Joy! (and Doug) I often have a look at your blog, and think it is super!
    I have tried to look up your church on the internet, but haven't found it yet. . . is there a website to look at?
    Hope you guys and the family are well!
    Cherith in the UK at the moment. . .

  2. Hi Cherith
    So nice to hear from you again! How is your Mom? We often think of you all! I nearly managed to get to SA before my grandfather passed away (I was hoping to stay with you a while)....but we had a family crisis this end just before - maybe someday we will yet see each other again! (You could always visit Oz!) Jessica turns 20 this year, so this Christmas it will be 19 years since we were last in Jo’berg!

    We don't have a web site for our church yet, maybe one day! We would still hold to Reformed Baptist ideals as with the SA'n RBA, with an emphasis on the character of God and a joy and delighting in who He is, good preaching, bible readings and serious prayer times etc. See the recent weekend conference we went to coming soon.

    Email me as I have lost all my email addresses recently with a new computer program being installed.

    God bless you Cherith, and heaps of love to you and your family, from Joy